Services Offered

Toffy believes that our industry is moving towards a completely digital movement and that this is where the future of our company will stick!

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community ­based input, interaction, content­ sharing and collaboration.

Thus we offer perfectly crafted Social Media packages with Customer Contact Schemes to individually suit your company’s Social Media needs.

We offer 4 primary packages wherein you decide which social media platforms would be best to utilise in promoting your business’s name and services.

Namely putting to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The services offered by the Toffy social media management division act as content generator, designer, researcher and strategist as well as offering on­site visits, telephonic and electronic communication and vigilant online monitoring; in order to develop a comprehensive and self sustaining social media strategy to suit each client individually. Each strategy is reviewed monthly for optimum proficiency.

Toffy presents a specialised Social Media Management service ­ customers can now use Social Media together with eHowzit to strengthen and grow their businesses.

Social Media posts help us to create a unique identity geared towards maximum exposure for your business. This unique identity will be developed during a sit down between you and the eHowzit social media manager to find a specific angle and message to create posts and adverts around, in order to fully utilize what this service has to offer.

The said service include:
­ onsite visits
­ content creation
­ product/service photography
­ page monitoring/administration
­ and graphic designing

To complete the idea of moving towards digital platforms it is vital to make sure your business is represented with perfectly integrated brand communication channels, so website development and management is one of the most exciting divisions at Toffy.
Getting your business’s identity to stick in the minds of your consumers means that a
steady and well managed website is a must for all institutions wishing to build on their

Our developer’s skill sets offer a variety of areas to make use of to ensure your vision is
fully portrayed in the exact way you had always envisioned for your company.

Constant consultations, monthly reports and timely updates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why you should put the future of your business in the hands of Toffy. Web development not enough?
How about our App Development service ­ it is a daunting thought to say the least but
the digital era is upon us and the public’s insatiable appetite for information means you
need to consider all aspects of what we have to offer at Toffy.

We have done in depth market research and have created an environment wherein we
offer everything we believe could benefit your business without fail and with immediate
effect; time in the 21st century seems to be a fleeting concept and it is imperative that
you keep up­to­date with not only technology but with your consumers because the
future of your company is not in the hands of the people who know and support you but
rather in the hands of the people who don’t (yet)!