Toffy stems from the idea that all solutions are multifaceted and that all elements of a brief will be fulfilled and executed by our diverse team of designers, conceptualists and strategists in such a way that not only offers a holistic solution to any problem but a multitude of resources and different points of views ­ this ensures the most creative solutions and trust based relationships.

We offer our clients security and reassurance through consistency created by the developing and maintaining of dynamic systems and processes, each of which aims to give a sense of clarity to the identities our clients wish to portray.

Toffy always takes a different and unique approach to branding solutions. Making use of conventional and unconventional methods and always approaching a situation from a different angle or viewpoint – never conforming to the ‘norm’. In essence Toffy offers an A to Z solution to all businesses who require our services and expertise. Utilizing our individual specialized skill, while working together to find the most unique possible solutions for each client’s specific needs, always going beyond the clients desired outcome.

Our business model stems from the idea that the future of branding is in digital platforms; this ideal is implemented right at the begin of the brief and is followed through to the final executions. Business contact however does not begin and end on digital platforms but is rather facilitated by them.

Our reliability, personalized processes and the convenience of a 360 degree solution creates a platform of referrals and word of mouth which fuel sustainable business practice!